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TEAD is is designed to provide professional training programmes for energy audits in order to create sufficient numbers of qualified specialists that will deliver high-quality energy audits in buildings and industries, including energy-intensive sectors and SMEs. The key aspect of this project will be to attract women into the profession of an energy auditor and to employment in the energy sector. 

The TEAD Project started the preparation of the very important component – training for the trainers. The TEAD project will design and implement an initial training (train-the-trainers approach) and deliver continuous professional development (CPD) for energy auditors to ensure high-quality energy audits of residential and public buildings and industry

The overall objective of the TEAD project is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of energy audits for all end users, including industries and SMEs, conducted by locally trained energy auditors of Ukraine, and to make sure women are equally involved and trained in this process. These energy audits will then be used by technical designers for the successful implementation of EE programmes in the areas of residential and public buildings as well as in industries and SMEs. 

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