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Start of our Trainings of Trainers for Energy Auditors & Technical Designers in Ukraine

February 19 will see the start of the Train the Trainers Programme of TEAD, Trainings for Energy Auditors and Technical Designers in Ukraine.

The TEAD programme is designed to provide professional training programmes for energy audits in order to create sufficient numbers of qualified specialists that can deliver high-quality energy audits in buildings and industries, including energy-intensive sectors and SMEs. One of the key aspects of this project is to attract women into the profession of an energy auditor and to employment in the energy sector.The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of energy audits for all end users by locally trained energy auditors, while making sure women are equally involved in this process.

The participants of this 6 week Training of Trainers, which will start Monday February 19, will unlock the expertise they need to excel in energy auditing through our Training Scheme and dive into the world of energy audits for buildings, industrial facilities, and designers with our three specialized training programs developed by the TEAD Project team. The goal of this specific Training is for participants to become skilled trainers with an eye for gender equality in the world of energy audits and be able to help the TEAD team roll out the trainings in the course of the year throughout the whole of Ukraine.

The entire train-the-trainer program is designed to ensure that the training of trainers provides the necessary knowledge and skills not only through working with trainers during the training, but also through informal learning (self-study). The exam is not included in the total duration of the training program and will be held on a separate day.

You can find here more information on the Training of Trainers (all in Ukrainian):

The Brochure for Participants
Training Agenda for Buildings & Technical Designers
Training Agenda for Industry & SMEs

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