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Meet Victoria Kovalenko, TEAD Women Energy Ambassador

One of the main goals of the TEAD Programme is to empower women working in the energy sector in Ukraine. As part of our new interview series we interviewed Women Energy Ambassadors from all over Ukraine, telling about their experiences and successes, but also about the barriers they encounter while working in a still male dominated energy sector. 

Victoria Kovalenko, currently serving as the Sustainable Development Manager at DiXi Group, is a prominent figure within this movement. Her journey in the energy sector has been characterized by unwavering dedication and a fervent passion for energy efficiency and sustainability. In her own words, “I find this field of activity to be crucial and globally relevant, extending beyond Ukraine to resonate worldwide.”

Victoria’s path in the energy sector unfolded as she delved into this dynamic domain. Her professional background includes roles at the Research and Development Center “Devices and Systems in Energy Saving” at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where she engaged in designing and modeling measuring equipment and analytical work. She also held the position of Executive Director at the Association of Energy Auditors of Ukraine, actively contributing to the promotion of energy audits as a crucial step towards implementing energy efficiency measures.

As the Chief Energy Manager at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Victoria conducted energy audits for academic buildings and dormitories. Her responsibilities extended to monitoring energy resource consumption and developing and overseeing the implementation of programs aimed at reducing energy consumption.

According to Victoria, “Energy audit is a necessary component for monitoring energy consumption as the first stage of implementing energy efficiency measures.” She emphasizes that the energy audit report not only reveals consumption losses but also provides actionable solutions, including recommendations for energy-saving measures, cost estimates, and payback periods.

Victoria’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident in her diverse training experiences. She participated in the E-ETAP – Energy Efficiency and Energy Audit Training Project in Ukraine in Poland, completed the Energy Audit in Buildings program in Kyiv using the ENSI software package, and undertook advanced training courses at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where she earned a state certificate.

For those aspiring to become energy auditors, Victoria Kovalenko offers valuable advice: “First, you need to have a good understanding of energy audit and energy efficiency, be well-versed in regulations, legislative initiatives, and understand technical documentation.” She emphasizes the importance of analytical skills for monitoring implemented measures and good communication skills for effective navigation in the field. Additionally, she highlights the significance of responsibility in efficiently fulfilling tasks and underscores the importance of setting goals and confidently working towards their realization.

In her work, Victoria prioritizes results and task quality, embodying the values of sustainable development and energy efficiency. Her journey serves as inspiration for those looking to make a meaningful impact in the realm of energy auditing and sustainability.

Victoria Kovalenko, as a dedicated professional in the sustainable development field, stands as a testament to the remarkable women driving change and innovation in Ukraine’s energy sector. Her story is one of inspiration and unwavering commitment to a sustainable, inclusive, and energy-efficient future.

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