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Larysa Kuzmina – Chief specialist of community development strategy department

Larisa Kuzmina – Chief Specialist of the Community Development Strategy Department, Energy Manager of the Economy and Infrastructure Development Department of the Zhmeryn City Council.

She became interested in energy saving and energy management while working in the industry, after receiving new job duties and tasks from management. Participation in the implementation of energy-efficient projects, weeks of sustainable energy in the Zhmeryn community, training, seminars and training for energy managers played a significant role in the interest in this field.

The main responsibilities of an energy manager include data collection on energy consumption, data analysis, development of projects and local programs related to energy audits and energy-saving measures, and cooperation with public organisations.
Larysa participated in writing the action plan for sustainable energy development of the city of Zhmerinka. She was also involved in the development of the demonstration project “Energy Go: Implementation of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development of Zhmerinka” and participated in the implementation of the project. As part of the project, a comprehensive thermal modernization of four budget buildings took place: two schools and two kindergartens.
Developer and participant in the implementation of the project “Promotion of energy efficiency and implementation of EU directives on energy efficiency of Ukraine”, GIZ.
Currently, Larysa is involved in the project of building a solar ground power plant as part of the implementation of the initiative “Green energy – clean water” of the Zhmeryn City Council with the support of GIZ.

She constantly improves her professional skills and raises her qualifications, participating in the implementation of projects, and attending training courses. She succeeded in training from the Agreement of Mayors, NGO “Ekoclub”, the international technical assistance project “Partnership for the Development of Cities” (PROMIS project), GIZ and the association “Energy-efficient Cities of Ukraine”.
According to the expert, there is no need to be afraid of complex projects, because they provide an opportunity to overcome new challenges, gain new knowledge, make acquaintances, undergo training, gain experience working in a team and professional growth and development. Regardless of all the obstacles on the way, it is necessary to confidently go to success.

“We should integrate European values ​​into our everyday life. Learn to treat natural resources with care, and develop a new approach to production. To introduce energy-saving consumption of energy resources, because this is the security of our country,” – Larisa notes.

Advice to women who aspire to become energy managers or energy auditors: “It is important to destroy stereotypes by example, to show the professionalism that women can also work in this field if they wish. Get quality education and knowledge. If you have chosen this field, you should not be afraid to overcome obstacles and believe in yourself. Set a goal and confidently move towards it. The field of energy management and energy audit is common to everyone, regardless of gender.”

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