Improving the quality of energy audits in Ukraine

TEAD, Trainings for Energy Auditors & Technical Designers in Ukraine

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of energy audits for all end users by locally trained energy auditors, while making sure women are equally involved in this process. Energy audits will then be used by technical designers for the successful implementation of Energy Efficiency programmes for both residential and public buildings as well as for industries and SMEs.

Providing professional training programmes for energy audits

Our TEAD objectives

TEAD is is designed to provide professional training programmes for energy audits in order to create sufficient numbers of qualified specialists that will deliver high-quality energy audits in buildings and industries, including energy-intensive sectors and SMEs. The key aspect of this project will be to attract women into the profession of an energy auditor and to employment in the energy sector. To achieve this the objectives are:
a) Design and implement an initial training (train-the-trainers approach) and continuous professional development (CPD) for energy auditors to ensure high-quality energy audits of residential and public buildings and industry;
b) Design and organise CPD for technical designers, providing knowledge on energy auditing and best practice on EE implementation in the buildings sector;
c) Increase networking and visibility of the profession of energy auditor with opening of business opportunities as well as development and expansion of the profession at decentralised level covering geographically the entire country and at the same time strengthening the role of women auditors;
d) Provide a comprehensive mapping of obstacles and make recommendations for improvement of policy and legislative framework on energy audits and energy performance certificates.

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Job Creation and Skill Development

The full-scale Russian invasion has had a negative impact on many Ukrainians’ means of living and left a vast number unemployed. As unfortunately as it is, the impact on infrastructure in Ukraine and the post-war reconstruction efforts could provide an opportunity for Ukrainians a new career or enhancing their skillsets in the energy sector. In the post-war period, there will be an immediate need of trained technicians, who can guide and lead the rebuilding of infrastructure and homes throughout the country.


The TEAD virtual Train the Trainers Programme and Trainings of energy auditors will be designed as a highly interactive, instructor-led training class, with defined learning objectives and participants who come together using a web-based classroom platform. We are putting an emphasis on attracting new graduates or persons interested in pivoting to a new career in the energy efficiency space and supporting reconstruction efforts in the country.